Third Saturdays
O, Miami 2018 Festival Preview

March 17, 2018

Mana Contemporary Miami
777 Mall
145 E Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33131

Third Saturdays
O, Miami 2018 Festival Preview

Please join us for the second edition of Mana Contemporary Miami’s Third Saturdays at the 777 Mall. Explore the budding artist community at Mana’s newest location in Downtown Miami and experience programming from the community.

O, Miami 2018 Festival Preview
O, Miami builds community through literature. The O, Miami 2018 Poetry Festival (which officially begins on April 1) is a month-long initiative to bring poetry to every single person in Miami-Dade County. Don’t miss this special preview and your chance participate in projects, workshops, and contests, get the first looks at the festival tote, and sign up for workshops and volunteer opportunities.

Since its founding in 2011, the festival has hosted performances by Anne Carson, Raúl Zurita, W.S. Merwin, Patti Smith, Richard Blanco, Tracy K. Smith, Thurston Moore, Kevin Young, and many others. For general information, visit the O, Miami festival page. Upcoming festival events is located on their events page.

Dale Zine Video Game Release: Bobbo's Crappy Birthday by Lofty305
Lofty305, local musician and artist, has created a video game from scratch with original artwork and soundtrack. Come by to test out the game and pick up new zine celebrating the game.

Deep Eddy’s Happy Hour

Rafa’s Closeout featuring Mo' Booty
A psych-surf Francophone band, casts shades of punk over their slowly flooding Miami hometown landscape.

Jolt Radio Listening Lounge
Hang out and listen to the good music of the local online radio station.

Bloodless Vegan Pop-up
Bloodless Vegas is a vegan-take on Cuban and Latvian baked goods.

Chicago Exchange Residency Open Studios
Artists from Mana Contemporary Chicago are in Miami for a three-week professional and creative development residency. Artists will have their studios open to the public all day.

Studios are located on the second floor. Session One artists include: Erin Hayden, Hugo Crosthwaite, Jan Christopher-Berkson, and Ava Grey (Nick Glazebrook and Caesar Perez).

Chicago Exchange artist-in-residence, Hugo Crosthwaite, presents TIJUANA BIBLE, a mural and video project with themes and issues of the border city. The video will loop throughout day.

The original Tijuana bibles were small, eight page, underground publications printed in the United States until the ’60s. Tijuana Bibles were a forerunner of zines and the first underground comix. They were pornographic in nature, showing the viewer a naughty glimpse of beloved cartoon characters or famous figures.

While these publications were outlets for freedom of expression, they unfortunately perpetuated many racial stereotypes and the objectification women. Crosthwaite’s project involves improvising a mural inspired by Tijuana Bibles and a video that shows the creation of the artist’s own personal version of a Tijuana Bible with the themes and issues of the border city.