Borscht Corp

Borscht is a nonprofit with the simple mission to forge Miami’s cinematic identity. Local filmmakers created Borscht in response to a lack of regional infrastructure and support, empowering artists to tell fresh Miami stories.

Through commission grants, film productions, web projects, film festivals, and idiosyncratic events throughout the year, Borscht has generated an unprecedented run of success consisting of over 600 festival screenings worldwide, including: seventeen projects across eight consecutive years at Sundance); over seventy-five jury and audience awards; fifty-million online views (on online outlets such as the New Yorker, Vice, and MTV); dozens of art exhibitions in galleries and museums (such as the Guggenheim and MoMA); developed the record-breaking, Oscar favorite Moonlight; and appeared on newspaper and magazine covers to establish our work as one of the “25 coolest film festivals in the world” (MovieMaker).

We think our city is more interesting than the way it is usually depicted in movies, so we make our own films that tell unique Miami stories and provide a global stage for underrepresented (often female, Latin-American, African-American, and Afro-Caribbean) identities in film.


Borscht Corp group photos and events.