Dale Zine Shop: Artist Books & Goods

Dale Zine Shop is an art bookstore specializing in zines by Dale Zine and other curated independent publishers, artist goods, and music.

Dale Zine, established in Miami in 2009, is an independent publisher dedicated to printing and giving a platform of multi media artists. Started as a one-off zine collaboration about Garfield, Dale Zine has grown into a creative beacon for our community from teaching all ages zine workshops to our independent radio show and much more. Some notable publications include work by Tim Biskup, Matt Furie, Legowelt, Friendswithyou, and many more with over fifty titles and counting. Dale Zine is available in Miami, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, and online.

Alongside publishing, Dale Zine host family art workshops for children at heart and at age. The workshops are led by multimedia artists in the Dale Zine network. Each workshop is developed with the students creative empowerment in mind. Working alongside great international and local philanthropic organizations (i.e. Lincoln Road, Knight Foundation, Bas Fisher Invitational, Andy Warhol Foundation, Soho House, etc.) we’re building great momentum in our community.


Dale Zine at 777 International Mall