LIZBO Arts and Culture Center (and Spa)

An experimental arts and culture center (and spa), LIZBO provides a range of cultural restoration services to the public while showcasing artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives from around the world who think on the fringes of identity, experimental economics, and applied philosophy.

Liz Ferrer is a Miami-based artist, curator, and co-founder of art collectives Southernmost Situations, LIZN’BOW, and LIZBO. Her practice includes performance, installation, video, curation, and community driven work. Liz received a BFA in Theatre at Florida International University in 2007. She uses her social practice as a starting point for all of her work and collaborations.

Liz is a recipient of En Residencia Fellowship (2018), Tempus Projects Residency Fellowship (2018), La Sierra de Santa Marta Residency (2017), Acre Residency (2015), Miami Light Project’s Here & Now new commissions grant, Inkub8’s Residency (2014), Index Performance Artist Fellowship Dominican Republic (2014), Index Performance Artist Fellowship Mexico City (2014), Miami Light Project’s Jennylin Duany Light Bulb Grant (2013), DDA commission for Dwntwn Art Days (2013), Cannonball’s CSA Share program (2013), LegalArt/Cannonball, curatorial artist-in-residence (2012). Her work has been featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, Museum of Modern Art Miami, the Bass Museum, Museum of Modern Art Santo Domingo, Museum of Modern Art Mexico City. She is part of various collectives including, Southernmost Situations, LIZN’BOW, Ningun Solicitar INC, LIZBO, and Borscht Corp.

Bo Tye Enterprises Venture Capital (BTEVC, i.e. Bo Tye) is an edge-culture center and investment firm dedicated to pioneering routes through the uncharted regions at the techno, bio, and theoretical fringes of late capitalism. Bo Tye Enterprises Venture Capital aims to catalyze the abolition of hegemonic reality by investing in experimental small businesses, transcritical enterprises, and non-binary cultural institutions interested in reinventing consumerism—fertilizing new markets of reality and retrialing the liberatory potentials of the capitalist medium.

Together, Liz and Bo have helped catalyze multiple projects including:

LIZN’BOW, a youth and elderly anarcho-“new media” activist workshop collaboration with partnerships and residencies at ICA Miami, the Bass Museum, Koubek Center, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind, La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia, Breakthrough Miami, Hands to Help, Tempus Projects, and Cunsthaus;

The DECISION HOTLINE, an enigmatic pay-per-call service offering a solution to widespread social indecision;

The Ningun Solicitar INC. Hotel, a micro-hospitality firm,  which provided a series of unconventional room and intimacy services to by-the-minute renters at Satellite Art Fair during Miami Art Basel 2015;

Your Art Here, a human art gallery and investee of BTEVC whose first show (curated by Liz), debuted at Miami Art Basel 2017;

LIZBO, a trans-corporeally run arts and culture center and spa with a storefront at Mana Contemporary Miami inside the 777 Mall in Downtown.


(1) Liz and Bo
(2) LIZBO neon