Mana Mass Artist Takeovers
at Miami Art Week

Tuesday, December 4–Sunday, December 9, 2018

129, 130, and 138
E Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33131

Mana Mass Artist Takeovers at Miami Art Week


Welcome Mana Contemporary Jersey City artists Z Behl, Alberto Montaño Mason, Antonio Murado, and Ray Smith as they take over Miami’s historic Flagler Street with new site-responsive projects. Presented by Mana Mass.

Alberto Montaño Mason
The Breath of Many
129 E Flagler Street, 12–8PM
Montaño Mason’s The Breath of Many examines the current political climate with particular attention to the situation at the US–Mexico border.

Antonio Murado
Phil Davis
138 E Flagler Street, 12–8PM
In his installation Phil Davis, Antonio Murado recounts the story of a man imprisoned in his own imagination.

Ray Smith
130 E Flagler Street, 12–8PM
Based on the folkloric character Mr. Manners, this series of paintings on mirrored Plexiglas reflects the state of America, from urban blight to mass consumption, homelessness to global warming. Mr. Manners questions what it means to be American today.

Z Behl
Climb to Glory
130 E Flagler Street, 12–6PM
In Climb to Glory, audiences are invited to scale a forty-foot wall dotted with hammers, model planes, and piles of money to reach perceived success. Presented by Equinox.

Photo: Alberto Montaño Mason, Wall Prototype. Courtesy of the artist