Osiris Cisneros Ortega

Osiris Cisneros Ortega was born in Cuba in El Vedado, one of the most central neighborhoods of Havana. He trained as an intermediate technician in craftsmanship, specializing in ceramics at the Polytechnic Institute of Arts and Crafts (Pablo de la Torriente Brau).

As a self-taught artist, Cisneros Ortega’s painting is essentially intuitive and stems from a chaotic inner world. He uses faces and human figures to create surreal situations, appropriating scenes of the city where seemingly intimate moments become manipulated and dramatized to create a voyeuristic multiplicity of readings. Sensuality is inserted into these scenes with an intense and suggestive tone. The backlight, the shadow, the absence of color are distinctive marks of Cisneros Ortega’s—with them, he creates the complex environments of his work.